5 top threats from 2022 most likely to strike in 2023

The threat landscape is highly diverse and attacks range in sophistication from the most basic scams to nation-state-level cyberespionage. However, companies need to prioritize their defenses against the most common threats that are likely to impact them and their employees.

In its newly released annual State of Malware report, cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes selected five threats that they consider to be archetypes for some of the most common malware families observed in 2022:

LockBit ransomware
The Emotet botnet
The SocGholish drive-by download
Android droppers
macOS Genio adware

“Protecting your business for the rest of 2023 requires one critical understanding: The most dangerous cyberthreats you will face are not the strangest attacks you will see on any given week, or the most sophisticated, or the most eye-catching. They are not even the most prevalent,” the company said in its report. “Instead, the most dangerous threats come from a set of known, mature tools and tactics that an entire ecosystem of cybercriminals rely upon to take in billions of dollars a year.”

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