Organizations without a formal IT Risk Assessment do not have an understanding of the technology risks they are currently facing based on the technology they use and the potential impact on the business in case these are materialized.

Nowadays, where technology change is the only constant thing, the need to manage IT security risks is more critical than ever. A formal IT Risk Assessment will provide a complete picture to the Board of the organisation’s IT risks which will help them prioritize the investment and resources needed for security controls implementation.

With the rapid adoption and reliance on technology, the capability of an organization to continue the delivery of its products or services at pre-defined acceptable levels following a disruptive incident is also very important.

Tailored IT Consulting services include (i) IT risk assessments, (ii) ISO 27001, 27701, 22301, (iii) Security Awareness trainings, (iv) IT Controls optimization, (v) IT Strategy, (vi) Third Party Risk Management. More specifically, but not limited to:

  • Development and execution of IT Risk Assessment in line with the ISO 27005 standard
  • Development and assistance through the certification processes of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in line with the ISO 27001 standard. Enrich the Information Security Framework with Data Privacy controls in line with the ISO 27701 standard for Privacy Information Management Standard.
  • Development and assistance through the certification processes of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in line with the ISO 22301 standard
  • Information Security and data protection employee awareness campaigns and training
  • Data Protection & Privacy Risk Management in line with the GDPR
  • Third Party Risk Management of your outsource service providers and identification of potential impact if they cannot meet their contractual obligations.
  • IT Controls optimization in line with COBIT framework for IT Governance.
  • Formulate an IT Strategy that is align and supports the overall Business Strategy, goals and objectives.

Invest in your organization’s information security to assure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your business information and safeguard your operations and assets.

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