IT environments’ complexity has increased and organizations' reliance on the information produced by their systems and processes have increased. IT Audit can be tailored for the needs of the
(i) External financial audits
(ii) Internal audits
(iii) Ad hoc IT audits
(iv) IT Due Diligence

Information systems audit provide advice to organizations on how to better manage their systems and processes that support business operations and achieve their business objectives. The audit comprises of review of internal controls of information systems in the areas of user access management, change management, development management, interfaces, backup and recovery procedures, data reliability and third parties management.

Perform IT due diligence of internal and outsourced services on which core services are depended on. When organizations looking to acquire a new business not only do they need to understand its financial position, they need to have the assurance that the IT can support the business and that it is resilient, reliable, scalable and secure.

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