Advizex and HPE GreenLake Take Aim at Hybrid Cloud Complexity

Companies are angling for the pay-per-use pricing, scalability, and flexibility advantages of public cloud, yet not every application or workload is a fit for the paradigm. Enter the Advizex/HPE GreenLake partnership, which tackles hybrid IT challenges by replicating the cloud experience wherever workloads are running and without the typical operational complexities.

With the HPE GreenLake platform, customers don’t have to make a wholesale commitment to public cloud or invest in costly on-premises infrastructure. Instead, they gain a consistent simplified hybrid cloud experience wherever applications and workloads reside: in a data center, at the edge, in colocation facilities, or in a public cloud. HPE and Advizex deliver the benefits of both worlds, enabling businesses to scale faster, hit digital transformation targets quicker, achieve better economics, and simplify IT.

“Companies don’t want to spend capital — they want to manage resources based on OpEx and manage that OpEx tightly,” explains Joe VanPatten, vice president of cloud consumption for Advizex, a longtime partner of HPE. “It’s a great time for customers to reduce up-front capital outlay and using a solution like HPE GreenLake lets them consume hardware as they need it, gaining more of it as they need to grow.”

The HPE GreenLake platform affords companies the pay-per-use economics of public cloud based on actual metered usage, providing full visibility across the entire IT estate through a single unified portal. Integrated consumption analytics manages usage and IT spend against reserved capacity, predicting spikes and automating capacity planning, based on historical usage and trends.

HPE GreenLake can be provisioned quickly with preconfigured blueprints or, alternatively, can be customized easily. Advizex offers an array of managed services for organizations that want to free up internal IT from routine maintenance and operations work so it can concentrate on higher-value business initiatives.

Advizex and HPE have a 30-year history of helping customers achieve their IT modernization and digital transformation goals across multiple industry segments. Bolstered by more than 100 HPE certifications, the Advizex team has a proven track record of introducing HPE technologies to market.

Still, the integrator takes an agnostic approach, working with customers through planning, ordering, installation, and launch to bring in the relevant platforms and services that will enhance the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform and consumption model. Advizex advisers help clients understand their business needs; facilitate alignment among stakeholders; and develop a complete solution, including building a strong business case.

“As a partner that’s agnostic about products, we don’t talk about the OEM — we talk about consumption and infrastructure as a service,” Van Patten explains. “We pick a portfolio of products that can be bundled together in a way that’s most valuable to our customers.”

W.R. Grace & Co., a $2 billion global specialty chemical manufacturing company, is one of those customers. It turned to Advizex and HPE GreenLake to modernize its IT infrastructure in the face of pandemic challenges, to harmonize systems and processes from past mergers and acquisitions and to enable a more agile response to customers’ needs. The shift to HPE GreenLake made it easy to scale workloads up and down and enabled IT to deliver for business users in minutes rather than months, according to Srini Vanga, W.R. Grace’s vice president and head of IT.

The journey to cloud can be confusing and complex, but with the right Advizex and HPE GreenLake road map, organizations can anticipate a much smoother path to hybrid IT.

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