Blockchain security companies tackle cryptocurrency theft, ransom tracing

According to data from the Rekt leaderboard, cybercriminals have stolen as much as $3 billion of investor funds through 141 various cryptocurrency exploits since January, putting 2022 on track to top 2021 levels of digital currency malfeasance. Comparitech’s cryptocurrency heists tracker indicates that since 2011, hackers have stolen $7.9 billion in cryptocurrency worth about $45.5 billion in today’s value.

Along with the increased dollar amounts of cryptocurrency thefts, the scams, hacks, and exploits of cryptocurrency, Web3 (a decentralized view of the web that incorporates blockchain technologies and token-based economics), and blockchain-related organizations are growing bolder and more lucrative for malicious hackers even as the value of cryptocurrencies stagnates. This month alone, Binance saw its BNB chain drained of $586 million, close to the all-time most significant cryptocurrency theft of $624 million from the Ronin Network in March 2022.

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