BrandPost: 10 Best Practices for a Zero Trust Data Center

Today, there is no such thing as an enterprise network perimeter — the location of applications, users, and their devices are no longer static; BYOD is common; and data is everywhere. With ever-evolving cybersecurity threats and no fixed perimeter, traditional security strategies fail to protect highly distributed networks, users, and applications. Organizations need an innovative approach that is not only simple and promising, but also proven and sustainable. That is why Zero Trust is getting so much attention.

What is Zero Trust and why do we need it?

Zero Trust is an enterprise security framework based on the principle “never trust; always verify.” In other words, this approach does not trust any user, application, or device unless explicitly allowed by a security policy. By adopting the concepts and architectural components of Zero Trust, organizations can improve visibility and better secure their hybrid environments while meeting compliance requirements and reducing costs over time.

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