BrandPost: One-Policy Framework, Zero Trust, and Ops teams

In today’s digital era, customers expect information, resources, and services to be readily available from anywhere in the world. To deliver on customers’ expectations and leverage the best of on-premises and public cloud offerings, many enterprises use a mix of on-premises and cloud-based architectures.

The freedom to choose from many architectures and deployment strategies results in hybrid networks, which are challenging to secure due to disparate security management consoles that lack consistent security policies across these environments.

So then how do Ops teams protect their hybrid environments? The most effective approach is to create a single unified policy, which can then be applied to any environment through a centralized console, to avoid unnecessary operational headaches. A single unified policy is easily achievable via one-policy framework. Organizations with homogeneous environments can benefit equally from a one-policy framework and can adapt to future architecturalchanges with ease.

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