BrandPost: SASE: The Only Way to Improve Network Security Without Added Complexity

By: Mike Spanbauer, Field CTO, Security at Juniper Networks

The future of network security has a new shiny architecture to meet organizational needs with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Still, most network administrators are either not ready or able to decommission their existing on-premisessecurity solutions. Organizations are much more likely to need to support hybrid environments that require the support of on-premises capabilities and service-based offerings for the foreseeable future. 

First, SASE is not a product but an architecture. You cannot just buy one off the shelf and plug it in. The fact is that most network decision-makers need to determine how to best leverage SASE to support the business. It is critical to engage with the ops team, as they are the most crucial stakeholder in this process, to ensure the network experience continuity is preserved. After all, this team must deploy and maintain both existing and new technologies to deliver business continuity to users and customers alike.

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