CIO Digital Enterprise Forum 2023: How CIOs can strategically and ethically use generative AI

The CIO Digital Enterprise Forum will be held in London on Thursday 11th May at Prospero House, London Bridge. Amit Sen from the United Nations Refugee Agency and Howard Pyle from Experience Futures will host the opening keynote. They will focus on the importance of organizations linking analytics with social impact goals and standards of inclusion.

Only a third of companies are currently seeing social impact as a core strategy, despite many being active in social responsibility. Understanding the organization’s target audience and defining ethical principles that reflect their needs is crucial when applying generative AI. Organizations need to plan for generalized standards for reporting on the users they’re serving through AI-driven experiences and what the impact is. Howard Pyle shares that “CIOs will need to play a leading role in guiding their organizations toward creating personalized and inclusive experiences that align with their overall KPIs and social impact goals. By developing inclusive product and experience strategies that are tailored to each user’s needs and abilities, organizations can ensure that all stakeholders receive the maximum value.”

It is essential to consider the impact of generative AI on the business and individual audiences while planning for generalized reporting standards. Personalization can reduce acquisition costs and increase revenues and marketing efficiency, but CIOs and IT leaders must focus on aligning social impact and business KPIs, developing a product and experience strategy based on them, and creating custom-tuned experiences. . It is critical to keep in mind the need for inclusive and ethical technology, the importance of individualized experiences, and the power of generative AI when used strategically and with clear goals in mind. By doing so, CIOs can help their organizations create experiences that meet the needs of individual users and the broader goals of the business.

The programme continues to include a panel discussion on keeping ahead of your data strategy, featuring Rashad Saab, Founder & CTO of; Raj Jethwa, CTO, Digiterre; and Caroline Carruthers, Chief Executive, Carruthers & Jackson. The panel discussion will focus on the challenges of reaching data strategy goals and creating a data strategy that meets business needs and practices while allowing for future possibilities.

Discussion will focus on the human side of cybersecurity in the digital enterprise. The panel will look at human perception and social trust to digital counterparts and how to ensure cybersecurity alongside the introduction of new emerging tech. The moderator for the panel will be Michael Hill, Editor, CSO, and the panelists will include Jennifer Surujpaul, Head of IT & Digital, The Brit School; Mel Smith, CIO, Buckles Solicitors LLP; and Sue Khan, VP of Privacy and DPO, Flo Health.

In a keynote session, the Green Web Foundation, a Dutch non-profit, will discuss its efforts to increase the internet’s energy efficiency and speed its transition away from fossil fuels. The foundation stewards the largest open dataset that tracks websites running on renewables, with an open tool suite used over 3.5 billion times.

Closing the Forum will be Dy Jacqui Taylor, sharing her insight and expertise on the evolution of the digital enterprise, finding the golden thread of resilience as tech continues to change as well as how to achieve the NetZero agenda.

Along with the themes of the forum, this event preview was written using ChatGPT, with insight shared by our keynote speaker Howard Pyle. Share your thoughts on using these emerging technologies by registering here to join, the forum is free for qualified attendees and you can view the full programme here