CIOs Discuss how to Enhance the Digital Experience Across the Business

Both customer and employee experience have seen an accelerated transformation with the introduction of cloud technologies, were significantly affected by the pandemic, and now see a remarkable shift in terms of new approaches in leadership.

In customer experience, the introduction of cloud-based solutions has accelerated automation and enhanced client success prediction accuracy. As a result, numerous essential concerns like data collecting and reporting, decision-making, and data optimization are being addressed. Tiffany Willcox, CTO at Marie CurieKaren Bach, and Laura Dawson, Founder of Leaderly will discuss the challenges around the Omnichannel Customer Experience, looking at the challenges faced when managing multiple touchpoints and building optimal architecture to support the expectations of the ‘modern customer’.  

Tech leaders are focusing more on developing the right technologies to support and enhance customer experience. Challenges for teams include finding effective strategies for using customer data to fuel experience decisions and developing tech evaluation criteria for their organisation. Measuring investment and determining ROI plays a big part in this and proving the ROI for customer experience is essential for organisations to continue investment and growth. Mattias Goehler, CTO EMEA for Zendesk will share how some of the key customer experience trends play their role and what to consider when looking at future investment. Leon Gauhman, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Elsewhen will share how data can improve productivity and support customers, highlighting strategies for using data and design to modernize operational models and transform organisations. 

As customer experience continues to improve, support is needed for the workforce that drives it. By 2025, more than 50% of IT organizations will use digital employee experience to prioritize and measure digital initiative success. This is a significant increase from fewer than 5% in 2021 (Gartner). The Keynote speaker is Bruce Daisley, Former EMEA VP of Twitter and best-selling author on workplace culture. He will explore how to rethink hybrid work and investigate resilience in leadership.

Victoria Williams, CEO of Terptree, will speak with Arif Mohamed at CIO UK on how to create deaf employee and customer experiences. There are 12 million people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in the UK, and sadly they are massively underserved by most businesses, retailers, and organisations. She will share insights in what steps organisations can take to open opportunities to deaf customers and employees.

Every business now needs to be digital, and every employee now needs to depend on workplace technology to succeed. As a result, the employee digital experience has become a vital part of staff retention, team productivity, and ultimately business growth. The role of the CIO has evolved as tech plays a key role in collaboration and support teams to continue to optimise productivity. Marie Hill, CDIO at DB CargoKatie Nykanen, CTO at QA, and Sarah Cunningham, Senior VP Enterprise IT at Arm, sit with Dax Grant, CEO of Global Transform to discuss the CI/TO’s changing role in employee engagement.

Distributed teams and hybrid work models are becoming standard. Efforts to engage and keep employees are at an all-time high and now external economic and geopolitical pressures affecting supply chains and partners are escalating the challenges of running a business. According to Gartner, 52% of employees say flexible work policies will affect the decision to stay at their organisation which means staff turnover is likely to increase. Tony Healey, Group CTO at TicketerMegan Dooley, CDO at Openwork, and Bev White, CEO at Nash Squared will take a closer look at hybrid work, understanding how we can connect hybrid employees to the organization’s culture. Georgina Owens, CTO at Liberis will host a discussion with Helen Wright, Group Head of IT at Amber RiverDax Grant, CEO at Global TransformRajat Dhawan, CTO at Soho House, and Emma Smith Director of Transformation at the University of Bath to discuss what Digital Experience means for the business and the tooles needs to acheive effective digital experiences across the business.

The Closing Keynote is Amanda Brock, CEO of OpenUK. Amanda will share her work on open source data and technology, highlighting how it can optimise hybrid work and attract and retain talent. 

Held at the Nobu Hotel London Portman Square on Thursday 23rd March, the forum is free to attend for qualified attendees. You can find the full programme here. Register here to join.