Cleaning Up Costs: Avaya and Stemmer Distribution

Stemmer Distribution, the largest French company to provide dental products to healthcare professionals since 1978, was able to reduce costs while improving their customer experience with the help of Avaya. With 250 employees and 14 companies across six sites, Stemmer needed a flexible and fluid communication solution for their customers as the brand experienced a high level of growth over the decades; Avaya was the solutions provider to create the strategy needed to achieve this goal. 

As 2020 drew to a close, Stemmer Distribution realized that its old infrastructure was outdated, inefficient, and costly. The company needed a system that could combine its communications cross-functionally with the goal of adjusting the framework and bringing it into the 21st century. That’s where Avaya stepped in.

Stemmer Distribution was able to create an effective digital customer engagement strategy that allowed them to better serve their customers. Using Avaya’s UCaaS solution, Avaya Cloud Office® by RingCentral, Stemmer could mass produce a communications solution that reached every facet of their business. While migrating to a hosted solution in a datacenter was a consideration, understood through Stemmer’s provider Artelcom that the Avaya Cloud Office solution provided reliability and a higher level of efficiency for employees.

Stemmer worked closely with Artelcom throughout the implementation of Avaya Cloud Office, which spanned a nine-month period. Development progressed in four phases that began at smaller company bases and ended in Stemmer HQ, located in Tremblay, France. Alexandre Sicard stated that project teams provided excellent assistance and advice, helping to create the perfect, customizable solutions for Stemmer’s customers:

“In line with our expectations, our annual telecom budget has been cut in half thanks to the Avaya Cloud Office solution. With several months of hindsight, we are fully satisfied with the solution, which has allowed us to achieve our goals of improving the employee experience while optimizing our costs.”

The goal of Avaya Cloud Office, in addition to effective customer communications, is to provide a unified communications platform for employees that can call, meet, and message wherever they are. Because Stemmer has multiple locations, this integration makes sense; the need to communicate quickly, particularly in the healthcare industry, is paramount. 

Avaya Cloud Office allows for a great experience for all employees, whether they’re remote, hybrid, or on-site. Communication with other aspects of a business is fluid, meaning that dentists can speak with techs, techs can pass messages along to patients or administrators, and so on. One of the most important factors to Stemmer was the ability to provide excellent customer service as soon as it’s needed, and having a unified communications platform enables employees to effectively handle any customer needs.

The employee adoption of Avaya Cloud Office was quick. As the solution fits perfectly into the mobility needs of a company, understanding the mechanics and benefits is simple for employees to retain and use. Training also comes easily, which saves time overall for support teams.

Ultimately, the integration with Avaya Cloud Office resulted in a 50% reduction rate of Stemmer’s overall telecom budget. This means the company could potentially employ the Avaya Cloud Office solution to other European divisions that could benefit from this technology. As growth and development is key to any business’s objectives, this could be huge for an established company like Stemmer.

Having one unified communications platform across organizations means breaking down department silos that would otherwise remain disconnected from one another. Other than having a more streamlined communications system, cost savings is ultimately one of the most important benefits when it comes to UCaaS. Consolidating the individual costs of voice, messaging, etc. into one unified platform means fewer dollars spent on old systems that do not benefit the overall organizational structure. 

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