Cybersecurity stress returns after a brief calm: ProofPoint report

Global cybersecurity concerns are returning to pandemic levels as 68% of CISOs from 16 countries said they fear a cyberattack in the next 12 months, according to a ProofPoint survey.

“With the disruption of the pandemic now largely behind us, the return to normal operations may imply that CISOs can breathe easier, but the opposite is true,” said Lucia Milică Stacy, Global Resident CISO of Proofpoint. “Compared with last year, CISOs are feeling less prepared to cope with cyberattacks and more at risk, indicating a reversal to the early days of the pandemic.”

An elevated threat landscape, data protection challenges, impacted cybersecurity budgets, CISO burnout, and personal liability concerns all played a role in CISOs feeling more at risk of an attack and less prepared this year, Stacy said.

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