CYGNVS exits stealth, trumpeting its cyberattack recovery platform

Cyber recovery startup CYGNVS announced its emergence from stealth today, having raised $55 million in series A funding and created a highly functional “cyber crisis” platform which promises to help organizations recover from major breaches.

The company’s product is in its name – CYGNVS says it’s an acronym for Cyber GuidaNce Virtual Space. It’s effectively an all-in-one disaster recovery system for cyberattacks. It provides out-of-band communications between key team members, since corporate networks may become compromised by attackers, easy access to external experts, and pre-built, interactive “playbooks” to guide teams through the recovery process. It also offers the ability to run simulations in order to practice cyber incident response, auditing and compliance tools to sooth regulatory concerns, and fast onboarding with mobile apps and browsers alike.

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