Descope launches authentication and user management SaaS

Descope has launched its first product, a platform designed to help developers add authentication and user management capabilities to their business-to-consumer and business-to-business applications. The software as a service is available now. Developers can access the product free of charge for up to 7,500 monthly active uses for B2C applications and up to 50 tenants for B2B apps. Beyond these there is a US$0.10 per user and US$20 per tenant.

The Descope platform aims to make it easier to build passwordless authentication, according to the company. Descope says the new product allows organizations to:

Create authentication flows and user-facing screens using a visual workflow designer.
Seamlessly add a variety of passwordless authentication methods to apps such as magic links, biometrics and passkeys (based on WebAuthn), authenticator apps, and social logins.
Validate, merge, and manage identities across the user journey.
Get business apps enterprise-ready with single sign-on (SSO), access control, tenant management, and automated user provisioning.
Enhance user protection by easily enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA), step-up, or biometric authentication within applications.

Descope’s platform offers different integration options: a no-code workflow builder and screen editor, a set of client and backend SDKs, and comprehensive REST APIs.

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