Designing the campus of the future starts with high-quality 10 Gbps connectivity

According to Huawei’s research data, 90% of urban residents either live, work or study in a campus, generating over 80% of national GDP. However, campus infrastructure is often decades old and mismatched to people’s growing needs.

Campus residents are increasingly reliant on high-performance wireless networks, high bandwidth/low latency connections to cloud applications and high-definition audio/video services.

Huawei’s latest networking technologies support a vision for campuses up to 10 Gbps – not just in central buildings, but in branch facilities as well. Its CloudCampus network is designed to support office, production, and branch services long into the future.

With virtual reality use cases, individual end user capacity can reach 800Mbps, which is why underlying network infrastructure needs to be able to support multiple gigabits of concurrent bandwidth.

Likewise, in a wired classroom with 10 to 13 information points, each will consume several hundred megabits per second of traffic, leading to the need for multiple gigabit connectivity.

In a production environment, where industrial IP cameras are in use, a set of cameras can use multiple gigabits of bandwidth to feed machine learning models working in real time.

Supporting these use cases requires a significant shift in thinking about what’s provided to campus workers. Instead of providing the minimum viable networking infrastructure, what’s needed instead is campus connectivity that has ample headroom to significantly improve the work and life experiences of campus users.

Conventional campus network solutions have limited flexibility to react quickly to accommodate emerging demands like AI training and high-definition video streaming. The burgeoning growth in these areas relies on high-performance, secure networks.

Huawei’s solution: High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus network

Huawei’s solution to these challenges is its high-quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus network, which is designed to provide ultra-fast wired and wireless access and a simplified, software defined network architecture with superior user experience.

The solution provides fast, secure terminal access and a flatter network architecture that enhances usability for users and administrators, as well as enterprise-quality branches that maintain superior experience levels even in locations where internet or WAN connections are poor quality.


How Huawei achieves 10 Gbps across campuses

Huawei’s network solution incorporates a number of breakthrough technologies and services to deliver on its promise.

Newest wireless standards: It makes use of Huawei’s very latest Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 access points to ensure connectivity is extremely fast and well managed.

Simplified architecture: A two-layer architecture consisting of a central switch and remote units, replacing the traditional three-layer network structure.

Simplified branch: Huawei’s Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) gateway combines multiple functions (routing, switching, Power over Ethernet (PoE), firewall, intrusion prevention/antivirus, and 5G) into a single device, making deployment more easily repeatable and manageable.  

User experience: A number of Huawei technologies keep services operating smoothly even under heavy network load. Huawei’s iMaster NCE visualises network status and automates fault detection and location to improve operational efficiency.

AI and machine learning: Huawei’s CloudCampus solution integrates advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning, allowing the campus network to adapt to changing conditions without IT administrators having to manually intervene.

The future is now

Huawei’s high-quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus network provides a technology suite that’s available now to support frictionless living, learning and working across campus environments.

The solution’s use of many networking features virtualised on general purpose server infrastructure allows for artificial intelligence to monitor and respond rapidly to changing needs of users.

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