Digital transformation obstacles: Stubborn challenges, what to do about them

The transformation imperatives

In recent years, global enterprises have gone through tectonic shifts, responding to massive changes in their societal, competitive, and geopolitical realities. These trends have had many consequences, but they’ve all served to intensify a key imperative: rapid digital transformation. While progress has been made, many organizations still have a lot of work to do—and many obstacles to overcome.

The challenge

Too often, teams are seeing that their transformation initiatives are being stalled. While it is natural to think the problem is due to a lack of funding, staffing, and so on, this isn’t necessarily the cause.

In fact, adding more people or tools may do little if anything to enable organizations to make significant progress. Why? The core issue typically isn’t a lack of resources; it’s a lack of alignment between the teams and tools that are already in place.

For example, a recent survey found that more than two-thirds (68%) of respondents said their businesses continued to be plagued by a long-standing issue: the disconnect between software development and business strategy. (The findings from this survey are now available in a report, which is entitled 2023 Value Stream Management Trends.)

Often, adding more people or technologies doesn’t solve these problems—it exacerbates them. 

The promise of Value Stream Management

As teams look to fuel the success of their strategic transformation initiatives, Value Stream Management (VSM) is emerging as an increasingly essential approach.

VSM has the potential to eliminate many of the most significant obstacles that currently stifle digital transformation. That’s one major reason why it’s been gaining such widespread traction: According to the same survey, 86% of organizations have adopted VSM or plan to. Through VSM, teams can be more fully aligned with the needs of the customer, and maximize the value that gets delivered.

Announcing the 2023 Value Stream Management Summit

While the benefits of VSM are enormous, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed. To help teams more fully capitalize on the opportunities presented by VSM, Broadcom is holding its third annual VSM Summit. Here are just a few highlights you can expect from this year’s event:

Industry analyst shares latest VSM trends and insights. Forrester analyst Chris Condo will share some of his firm’s latest findings in terms of market trends and show how teams can leverage VSM data to tackle their top transformation challenges.Transformation leaders share what’s worked for them. Executives from The Hartford, HCSC, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Tyson Foods will discuss some of the specific approaches and strategies that helped propel their success.Broadcom executives to share key solution advantages. Senior management from Broadcom will reveal how optimized value streams can help your teams maximize visibility, alignment, trust, and value.


Whether you’re just about to embark on your VSM journey or you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your initiatives, this event will provide a lot of insights and value. To learn more and register, be sure to visit our VSM Summit page.

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