Embracing zero-trust: a look at the NSA’s recommended IAM best practices for administrators

By now, most of the industry has realized we’re seeing a shift from the legacy perimeter-based security model to an identity-centric approach to cybersecurity. If defenders haven’t realized this, malicious actors certainly have, with 80% of web application attacks utilizing stolen credentials and 40% of breaches that don’t involve insider threats and user error involving stolen credentials, according to sources such as the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report.

Compromised credentials were involved in incidents such as the 2021 Colonial national gas pipeline breach, the 2021 Oldsmar Florida water treatment plant attack, and an attack on the South Staffordshire water treatment plant in the UK in 2022, illustrating that these incidents can and have spilled over from the digital realm to the physical, impacting critical infrastructure.

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