Enhance Employee Experience and Lower TCO with FlexSpace for Apple

Over the past few years, many enterprises saw much of their knowledge workforce move away from the office to work out of their homes. This move beyond the traditional firewall setup created security issues and device management issues for many IT departments.

Adding to these issues was an increasing need to keep employees happy once people began returning to the office. For example, a recent Gallup poll found that four in 10 white-collar workers prefer to work from home despite hybrid workforce options. In addition, many employees continued to feel empowered to begin actively looking for new jobs or watch for openings.

In the age of the “war for talent,” it’s more important than ever to gain competitive advantage by reinventing the employee experience. Workers want to be engaged in their workplace and feel that their companies value them. That means businesses need to create a modern workplace that proves they do. Interestingly, enterprises are discovering that adopting the Apple® Platform in their environment can tackle several of these hybrid workplace and demographic challenges.

Consider these four major themes driving more Apple adoption within the enterprise:

A move to a hybrid workplace, where employees work either at home or in an office, and need access to the same tools no matter the location with seamless experience.Digital acceleration efforts to make sure workflows and processes are computing-based.Security and privacy acceleration of devices that are located beyond traditional closed environments.A demographic shift of younger workers expecting the same performance from devices that they have used their entire life before entering the workforce.

With these themes in mind, it’s not surprising to discover that employees prefer using Apple devices over other options. Some recent stats prove that employees would be happier at companies that offer Mac®solutions:

67% of students would be more likely to join and stay with a business that offers a Mac.Three out of four employees would choose Apple when given the choice.76% of companies report the use of Apple devices has increased over the past two years.

The benefits of adopting Apple devices extend well beyond just ensuring employees’ satisfaction:

With an increase in cyberattacks against corporate networks, understanding Apple platform security is key. Apple builds security into the hardware platform at the start, and provides hardware, encryption, application, and services security across the ecosystem. Mac is the most secure personal computer on the planet, thanks to built-in features like hardware-verified secure boot, on-the-fly encryption, Touch ID®, and Gatekeeper.From a performance standpoint, MacBook Air® with M1 offers up to 2x faster Excel performance, up to 50% faster web application responsiveness, up to 2x faster browser graphics performance, and up to 2x longer battery life when video conferencing with Zoom on a single charge.Cost: Mac ownership also costs less than PC ownership in the long run, since Mac users are less likely to need computer support. According to an economic impact report by Forrester, Mac ownership costs less in the long run providing 336% ROI. Also, according to a leading SI only 5% of Mac users needed support vs. 40% of PC users.Sustainability: Enterprises focusing on sustainability trends also enjoy Apple for its commitment to the environment – MacBook Air cases are made of 100% recycled aluminum, 90% of Apple’s packaging features recyclable fiber, zero waste is sent to the landfill from final assembly supplier sites, 35% or more of their products used recycled plastic, in products like MacBook Air, energy consumption is reduced by up to 60% when in active use.

Enterprises looking to assess their environment for Apple device support or grow the use of Apple devices in their environment don’t have to do so alone, however. The recently launched FlexSpace for Apple solution provides a seamless path to device choice by enabling a secure, personalized employee experience that fosters collaboration and productivity on all Apple devices. The solution can craft the right digital experience by using the power of Apple to provide seamless and secure experiences.

Starting with understanding customer goals, capturing user experience, then mapping collected data to a plan to meet the customer’s vision, FlexSpace for Apple provides detailed readiness and network assessments before a broad and consistent deployment. FlexSpace for Apple can also modernize an identity infrastructure, build self-service choice portals, and provide end-to-end lifecycle management at a per-user/per-month consumption model. Users can take advantage of seamless support backed by AppleCare® for Enterprise where available through the FlexSpace solution.

Regardless of an enterprise’s experience with Apple devices, from just exploring the ideas to intermediate or advanced users, the FlexSpace for Apple solution provides companies with help along every stage of their Apple journey.

Benefits for enterprises also span their landscape:

CEOs will see digital transformation and business agility goals met.      CFOs can reduce their IT costs through zero-touch deployment.      CISOs will gain data encryption, malicious attack prevention, and backup and recovery benefits.Chief Human Resource Officers add an extra tool to their talent retention toolbox through offering device choice and support.Employees remain actively engaged and increase their productivity.

For more information on FlexSpace for Apple offering, click here. HCL is running a limited time free Mac assessment offer for customers.

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