Episode 1: Future-forward Marketing Strategies for Growth and Resilience

There’s no doubt that today’s small- and medium-sized business leaders are facing several unprecedented challenges. And building resilience to weather any upcoming storms is essential.

In this first episode of our 5-episode podcast, Essential Connections: The Business Owner’s Guide to Growth During Economic Uncertainty, we welcome Jamie Domenici, Chief Marketing Officer at GoTo. Jamie’s unique expertise in marketing and hands-on experience in small- and mid-sized companies makes her wisdom and best practices especially relevant and meaningful.

“My passion is around small businesses,” she says. “And my whole life honestly, has been associated with small businesses. And now working at larger companies, I really spend a lot of my time and my efforts thinking about how we help small businesses navigate some of those more challenging experiences.”

Navigating today’s turbulence requires a strategy that allows for agility and strength. Jamie’s advice? “Resilience is all about the ability to bounce back,” she says. “I think a resilient strategy is one that allows you to adapt quickly to market changes, view mistakes and failures as learning opportunities, and most importantly, anticipate problems so you can prepare for them in the future.”

Listen in to learn all the details, including Jamie’s actionable insights on how to use marketing and technology for differentiation.

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