Episode 2: Future-Proofing Your Business with Agile IT Leadership

It’s clear that in the last two years, the global pandemic has created unique circumstances for business and IT leaders at small- and mid-sized businesses.. Yet strategic technology decisions, such as vendor consolidation, can help support a business’s ability to handle volatility and remain agile in challenging times.

In this second episode of our 5-episode podcast, Essential Connections: The Business Owner’s Guide to Growth During Economic Uncertainty, we examine how to future-proof your business with agile IT leadership.

In fact, according to GoTo research, 95% of those surveyed have consolidated or plan to begin consolidation to multi-purpose vendors as they seek to streamline and optimize in the face of global uncertainty. Our guest, Paddy Srinivasan, GoTo’s CEO, says this is essential.

“When the pandemic set upon us, most IT departments were in a scrambling mode. And they bought a lot of technologies just to make ends meet as their workforce started dispersing across the world,” he explains. “So, there was a mad scramble for solutions for remote connectivity, monitoring, management, security, and the whole nine yards.”

Fast forward, and most IT departments are looking for ways to streamline these investments, he explains. “Having multiple vendors and tools drive up costs significantly. And it also becomes super hard to share information and have seamless workflows for all the tasks that the employees (both in IT and outside IT) must accomplish on a day-to-day basis.” The answer: Streamlining IT vendors.

Listen in to learn all the details, including Paddy’s actionable insights on how to reduce the burden on IT while keeping employees and customers happy.

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