Episode 3: How one startup is removing friction (and paper) from the healthcare experience

Digital platforms and technologies are transforming healthcare by providing secure, seamless access to disjointed islands of data and siloed technology. The goal is improving the experience for both healthcare providers and their patients, which ultimately leads to better healthcare and, hopefully, better outcomes for patients. And that’s a pretty good KPI.

In this episode of The New Work podcast, we hear from John Kosobucki and Emma Stratful, two executives from OX Digital Health, a startup whose “healthcare as a service” model shows the power of the cloud and digital technologies in supporting the new world of work, and new ways of doing business.

“There’s a lot of unnecessary friction in healthcare,” said Kosobucki, OX.DH’s CEO and founder. “Our focus is on bringing a degree of automation to clinicians and patients, who as digital consumers have a very high expectation set of what they should be able to achieve in healthcare.”

In this episode you’ll learn:

How Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of new technology to address longstanding inefficiencies in healthcare workflows and processes.How digital workflows can save patients time and expense, reduce stress, and improve the overall healthcare experience.How the move toward API-type economies can accelerate delivery of solutions, increase customization capabilities, and improve integration across different systems.


John Kosobucki, CEO & Founder, OX.DHEmma Stratful, Chief Operating Officer, OX.DHMartin Veitch, contributing editor, Foundry/CIO (host)
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