Episode 5: Customer-centricity: The Great Differentiator

Customer centricity, or putting the customer’s expectations front and center, is not a new concept. But given the reality of the global pandemic, coupled with uncertain times, delivering on this concept is more important than ever, especially for SMBs. Simply put, delivering genuine value across every customer touchpoint can not only help build resilience but also contribute to long-term success.

In this 5th and final episode of our 5-episode podcast, Essential Connections: The Business Owner’s Guide to Growth During Economic Uncertainty, we explore customer-centricity and how obsessing over the customer experience can help SMBs.

As a first step, understanding the true definition of customer centricity and how to execute is key, says Scott Romesser, GoTo’s Chief Customer Officer. “In the most literal sense, customer centricity is about understanding who your customers really are, what they want from you and your company, and then having a focus on delivering on those needs and expectations. Your objective is to ensure that every aspect of their experience, sometimes referred to as the customer journey, is the best it can possibly be.”

“As I think about where we are today, focusing on customer experience is even more important now,” he continues. “That feels weird saying because it should always be a top priority. But for SMBs right now, especially with cost efficiency becoming a major factor and cash preservation becoming more important than ever , the connection between you and your customers is more essential than ever.”

What’s more, he notes, a successful customer-centric approach has many advantages: for starters, it can boost customer retention at a fraction of the cost of acquiring a net new customer. “It can also turn customers into advocates,” he says. “Ultimately, no one can sell your product as effectively as your own happy customers. But even more fundamentally, for SMBs in nearly every industry, there’s no shortage of competition. Consumers have more choices than ever before. So, you want to make sure that they feel that essential connection to your company.”

Listen in to learn all the details, including Scott’s timely and relevant advice on how to execute on a customer-centric strategy.

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