Flaws in industrial wireless IoT solutions can give attackers deep access into OT networks

It’s common for operational technology (OT) teams to connect industrial control systems (ICS) to remote control and monitoring centers via wireless and cellular solutions that sometimes come with vendor-run, cloud-based management interfaces. These connectivity solutions, also referred to as industrial wireless IoT devices, increase the attack surface of OT networks and can provide remote attackers with a shortcut into previously segmented network segments that contain critical controllers.

Industrial cybersecurity firm Otorio released a report this week highlighting the attack vectors these devices are susceptible to along with vulnerabilities the company’s researchers found in several such products. “Industrial wireless IoT devices and their cloud-based management platforms are attractive targets to attackers looking for an initial foothold in industrial environments,” the Otorio researchers said in their report. “This is due to the minimal requirements for exploitation and potential impact.”

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