Gem Security Gets $11 Million Seed Investment for Cloud Incident Response Platform 

Israeli venture group Team8 has bankrolled an $11 million seed-stage investment in Gem Security, a startup with ambitious plans in the cloud threat detection and incident response space.

Gem Security, based in Tel Aviv, emerged from stealth Wednesday with technology that promises to give corporate security teams a practical way to manage threat detection, investigation and response in cloud deployments.

The company said its product supports all major infrastructure platforms — AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes — and integrates with  identity providers, source code repositories and secrets managers, leveraging the additional data for context analysis. 

Gem Security and its investors are betting that there’s a growing market for enabling cloud security operations as attack surfaces expand exponentially with enterprise digital transformation activities. 

“The adoption of cloud infrastructure is increasing and diversifying the attack surface for organizations. 90% of all organizations use more than one cloud provider,” Gem Security said in a note announcing the funding.

“The expansion in attack surface is rarely paralleled with coverage by detection and response initiatives, leaving organizations unaware of a variety of threat vectors. 79% of companies have experienced at least one cloud data breach in the last 18 months, with 43% of companies reporting ten or more,” the company added.

While there is no shortage of products for detection and response, Gem Security is arguing that legacy approaches fall short of providing tooling for the cloud era. Today, the company says companies must work continuously on preparation, detection, investigation and response to cloud data threats. 

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