Hackers steal crypto assets by defeating 2FA with rogue browser extension

Multiple attacker groups are using a malicious browser extension for Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Opera that’s aimed at stealing cryptocurrency assets from multiple websites and online wallets. The extension works by injecting rogue code into websites locally in the browser to defeat two-factor authentication and delete automated alerts from mailboxes.

“Rilide is not the first malware SpiderLabs has observed using malicious browser extensions,” researchers from Trustwave SpiderLabs said in a report. “Where this malware differs is it has the effective and rarely used ability to utilize forged dialogs to deceive users into revealing their two-factor authentication (2FA) and then withdraw cryptocurrencies in the background. During our investigation into Rilide’s origins, we uncovered similar browser extensions being advertised for sale. Additionally, we found that part of its source code was recently leaked on an underground forum due to a payment dispute.”

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