How acceptable is your acceptable use policy?

In a world before smartphones, social media, and hybrid workplaces, an acceptable use policy was a lot easier to write—and to enforce. These days, it’s a lot more complicated. Work can take place almost anywhere, on any number of devices. An employee can accept a job and then never physically set foot in the office, working from home (or the Caribbean) on their personal laptop. That’s why an acceptable use policy, or AUP, is more critical than ever—not just to protect the organization, but to protect employees as well.

What is an acceptable use policy?

From an IT perspective, an AUP outlines the acceptable use of corporate data, devices, and networks. In a hybrid workplace, that policy should also include terms and conditions for working on personal devices or home networks. And it should include guests, gig workers, contractors, and other non-employees who use company systems and networks.

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