How Can Generative AI Boost Your Customer Experience?

Data velocity – how quickly data is generated and moved – is the key to achieving any number of business outcomes. But it’s especially important in customer experience, according to IDC’s Marci Maddox, Research Vice President Digital Experience Strategies, and Aly Pinder, Research Vice President Aftermarket Services Strategies.

“We’re finding that the customer experience is the first or second priority for digital leaders today,” Maddox said during a recent Foundry webinar with Pinder.

Being able to act quickly with data could be one use for generative AI and other emerging tech. Maddox will share insights into how organizations can use these tools at FutureIT Washington, D.C., on May 11 at the Convene conference center in Arlington, Va.

“We need to look at ways the customer experience is more than just a marketing activity, but it becomes everyone’s focus as we move to a more empathetic customer experience and customer-centric organization,” Maddox said.

In addition to Maddox’s talk, the event will focus on leadership, technology, and personal development with speakers from Boeing, Momentous Capital, National Association of Corporate Directors, and more.

Learn more: Register here for FutureIT Washington, D.C. Not in the area? Join us at an upcoming program in Toronto, Chicago, New York or Southern California.

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