How IT leads can build a high-performing environment for sales teams

Karl Nicholson, Technology Evangelist at Slack

Ask any tech team, and they’ll tell you that the use of workplace apps has skyrocketed in recent years. Off the back of the pandemic, an age of technological empowerment swept in — where employees had greater autonomy in choosing the best tools they needed to do their best work.

While best-in-breed solutions might suit individual needs, it can lead to more information silos cropping up and employees being overloaded with endless context-switching and notifications. This can be hugely damaging to productivity for most teams — but especially for sales teams, who are the backbone of any organisation’s growth and have a critical role to play in the current economic climate.

With Salesforce’s new State of Sales Report showing that 66% of sales reps are overwhelmed by using too many sales tools — spending just 28% of their week selling —CIOs must focus on helping to transform their organisation’s sales function.

One way of doing this is to centre tech strategies around a single platform where all the tools, and all team members, can deliver the most value — the digital headquarters (HQ).

Tying all your tools together

The digital HQ is so revolutionary for the tech suite because, by definition, it’s a single place that connects employees, the tools they use, partners and customers. By squashing departmental silos, and bringing information and apps onto one platform, the digital HQ empowers employees through visibility and accessibility — and helps them grow more productive and efficient in the process.

By using the digital HQ as a single space for managing deals, and integrating it with key tools like Salesforce Sales Cloud, IT leaders can transform sales performance. They can help those teams align all relevant stakeholders using up-to-date customer information, and ultimately close deals faster. Just ask fintech, Revolut.


Bringing the power of Salesforce into the digital HQ

With over 25 million users, Revolut is one of the most innovative businesses in Europe. Starting a sales department at the peak of the pandemic, the business relied on Slack’s digital HQ to onboard almost a thousand salespeople remotely, escape back-to-back video calls, and move to asynchronous ways of collaborating.

When it comes to driving sales performance, the Revolut tech team also rely on the digital HQ – namely, the game-changing integration between Slack and Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, and its ability to improve the way sales teams can share, search for, and find information.

For instance, within a dedicated Slack channel, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence technology, Einstein, makes answering important questions and getting up to speed on accounts even easier for co-workers. This way, Revolut’s tech team has helped its salespeople save time so they can focus on impactful work — like engaging with customers.

By putting AI to work in the digital HQ, Revolut’s tech team has turbocharged the business’s sales performance and empowered the team to close even more deals.

Growing your business, without damaging your impact

For businesses set on growth, tech consolidation does not mean pulling back on the reins —instead, it offers a route to promote efficient growth, while managing budgetary pressures.

Slack and Salesforce is a great example of this, with the power of Sales Cloud integrating seamlessly into the digital HQ and bringing untold benefits in the shape of scalable automation. This way, the Revolut sales team — with help from their partners in tech — is reaping the benefits of both platforms and boosting their business impact.

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