How Obsessing Over Customers Can Result in Greater Overall Success

Listening to customers is a strategy that often sounds good on paper but is soon overshadowed by other areas of business or trends. Hyland, however, remains laser-focused on making sure customer success is the key to product improvements and a core component of the company’s culture. We spoke with Drew Chapin, CMO at Hyland, to learn more.

How would you describe Hyland in six words or less? How does Hyland help customers create a better experience for end users?

Hyland helps customers deliver better experiences. We do it by automating manual and complicated processes, which allows people to focus on their purpose rather than a manual task or process.

Customer expectations have changed with the convenience of things like Amazon where they do amazing things at the click of a button, and now expect that same experience from their work technology. Hyland strives to take many of the manual and complicated tasks off their plates so that physicians can treat patients better, educators can teach students better and insurance agents can process claims better.

What sets Hyland apart from other players in the industry?

There is confidence that we’ve earned from 30 years in this space, and our ability to deliver consistently. What also differentiates us is the breadth of product features, flexibility and the ability to configure our solutions. We give our buyers options, such as low- and no-code options, open-source through our Alfresco platform and innovative solutions, like our digital asset management offerings through Nuxeo.

We have a customer- and employee-centric culture, with which we have been able to attract and retain a very talented and deeply experienced workforce. We learned a long time ago that happy and engaged employees deliver amazing experiences to customers, and believe that investing in our employees will deliver value to our customers in a meaningful way.

Tell us about the X factor and Hyland’s partnership with Xander Schauffele.

We started our partnership in 2019. We view X factors as the things – sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small – that give you an edge over the competition to help you win.

The story for Xander is that he’s looking at all aspects of his game – driving, tee-to-green, bunker work and putting – to get any little edge he can earn to help him win. Our customers are doing the same thing. They’re looking at business processes and trying to optimize those to better serve their customers.

To learn more, visit Hyland.

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