Latin American companies, governments need more focus on cybersecurity

For the first time, over a dozen cybersecurity companies have come together to produce an agnostic study titled LATAM CISO Report 2023: Insights from Industry Leaders. More than 200 CISOs in the Americas region, in addition to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Latin American Federation of Banks (FELABAN), and the World Economic Forum (WEF), contributed to the report. Duke University conducted the survey.

The 2023 LATAM CISO Report offers different cybersecurity perspectives of industry leaders in Latin America. The report was created to identify gaps in security and the needs and limitations of organizations in Latin America that are preventing them from better securing themselves against cyberattacks. This document presents findings from a survey of leaders throughout the Latin American region. It provides guidelines and recommendations for creating public policies to develop and strengthen cyber capabilities.

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