Let’s pump the brakes on the rush to incorporate AI into cybersecurity

It seems that everyone is rushing to embed artificial intelligence into their solutions, and security offerings are among the latest to obtain this shiny new thing. Like many, I see the potential for AI to help bring about positive change, but also its potential as a threat vector.

To some, recent AI developments are a laughing matter. On April 1, 2023, that traditional day when technology and social media sites love to pull a fast one on us and engage in often elaborate pranks, the Twitter account for the MITRE ATT&CK platform launched the #attackgpt Twitter bot, which invited users to employ the hashtag #attackgpt, which would generate an “AI” response to questions about the anti-hacker knowledge base. In reality, it was an April fool’s prank with MITRE’s social media team cranking out funny answers in the guise of a chatbot.

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