Leverage Avaya’s Expertise in AI-driven CX Innovation

In the realm of dynamic enterprise architecture, the potential of AI to drive innovation is increasingly recognized, though still a considerable  undertaking  for many large enterprises, especially those with intricate on-premises environments. Ericsson IndustryLab’s recent study notes that over half of such organizations are still struggling to fully integrate and exploit AI, with projects initiated as many  as 5-7 years ago still remain incomplete.

Enterprises seeking to fully harness the transformative power of AI—whether it be to expedite decision-making with innovative theories or harness disparate data sources—need an industry expert’s guidance. Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES) specializes  in this space, offering expertise ranging from integration and  datasets to security and compliance. Our professional services team has successfully guided numerous enterprises innovate without disruption, all while maximizing their existing on-premises infrastructure.

The top three requests that ACES sees among large enterprises for AI Customer Experience innovation are:  security, automation and personalization, which  align with the overall IT investment priorities of chief information officers (CIOs).

Security – Password/PIN Reset Bot: Imagine the possibilities of an AI bot adept at handling routine password/PIN reset requests. Such a bot eliminates the risk of call queues clogging and delivers a seamless user experience, while ensuring robust security measures. By combining Avaya Hybrid Cloud Services with low-code/no-code development tools, ACES has empowered numerous customers to set up efficient PIN reset bots. 

Automation – AI Predictive Customer Workflows: AI can dramatically enhance predictive accuracy, automating workflows to identify potential customer churn at the end of contracts and the most effective retention strategies. ACES excels in these bespoke AI applications, harnessing comprehensive business and operational insights to unlock maximum value from AI-driven communications.

Personalization – Training of Intent: The crux of customer dissatisfaction often stems from impersonal interactions and bots lacking understanding of customer intent. To counter this, ACES focuses on intent recognition training for bots, making them sensitive to nuances in user responses, thus fostering a more personalized customer experience. When it comes to AI-driven business transformation, ACES is a key partner, bringing a wealth of expertise and global talent pool to support every stage of your AI journey—from exploratory workshops to tailor-made design and implementation. Avaya has been at the  forefront setting the bar high.

To learn more about ACES and how you can start harnessing AI for business innovation today, engage with our expert team. We’re eager to help you navigate the exciting terrain of AI-driven customer experience.

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