Micro Logic’s Projet Cirrus – Bringing Sovereign Cloud to Canada

Stéphane Garneau, the president of Quebec-based Micro Logic, still sees the same forces driving private sector enterprises and public sector agencies to seek out sovereign cloud solutions now that he witnessed nearly a decade ago.

“We first made the commitment to create and offer sovereign cloud solutions and services in 2014,” says Garneau. “At the time government agencies wanted to embrace technologies and the flexibility and performance they offered, but feared being subjected to a competitive country that potentially could leverage their legislative power to unilaterally force local and international cloud providers to grant access to critical, classified or otherwise strategic information. Today, those same motivations and same concerns have only grown stronger.”

Today, Projet Cirrus – Micro Logic’s suite of sovereign cloud solutions, including private, community, public, and hybrid offerings – is relied on by hundreds of organizations in the public and private sectors organizations that require all data to reside in Canada at all times. Not only that, but data is required to only be accessible by fully vetted Canadian citizens – or in the case of international companies doing business in Canada, to be subject to the data protection regulations of their home country.

“High profile incidents as well as the widespread collection and use of data have led to a growing preoccupation with what happens to the information we share or upload online,” adds Garneau. “This is particularly true for sensitive and private data used in certain industries and by the government. It is more important than ever to control and secure this data at all times, which is exactly what the sovereign clouds solutions in Projet Cirrus do.”

The sovereign cloud offerings within Projet Cirrus also include robust backup and disaster recovery services, as a well as a Fortified Cloud that features encryption and data protection measures that exceed the most stringent guidelines for government agencies and highly regulated industries. All services are provided from two distinct and independent Tier-3 certified data centers in Quebec and Montreal.

Notably, the entire Projet Cirrus suite is supported by the more than 300 sovereign cloud experts at Micro Logic. This includes a dedicated team that is specifically focused on building and developing locally owned and operated international alternative cloud products that are designed to address the unique, bespoke needs of specific enterprises and institutions.

“Flexibility is one of the key attributes of the cloud, and that same concept extends to sovereign cloud solutions and services. Our dedicated Projet Cirrus team is comprised of certified and highly skilled experts who strive to push innovation forward and who are ideally qualified to address each customer’s unique cloud journey,” says Garneau. “Our clients benefit from this expertise and a sovereign cloud that is not only built around the latest technology and hardware, but which is also based on agnostic technology that empowers them to avoid vendor lock-in at all times.”

Garneau also stresses that the company’s strong relationship with VMware and reliance on its proven and trusted technologies offers enterprises additional peace of mind. He notes it is also of importance to prospective customers.

“The VMware Sovereign Cloud distinction is an important recognition for Micro Logic because it highlights our commitment and shows that we have made the extra effort to ensure that their data is hosted in known and trusted facilities sheltered from foreign political or legislative influence,” he says. “The breadth of our expertise allows us to address the full spectrum of IT challenges organizations and businesses face today. We took our extensive experience in on-premises computing and in years of service expanded it to encompass the sovereign, hybrid and multi-cloud environments our clients depend on and need today.”  

Learn more about Micro Logic and its partnership with VMware here.

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