Ping Identity debuts decentralized access management system in early access

Ping Identity, a Colorado-based IAM software vendor, is making a new product, PingOne Neo, available in a limited early access program. PingOne Neo is designed as a decentralized platform, as opposed to the heavily federated systems commonly in use. It allows for data decentralization, storing credentials and keys on the user’s mobile device, and lets credentials be issued using a wider range of identity proofs, instead of particular government-issued ID.

It works something like a wallet, according to the company. End users request a credential from an issuing organization, which is cryptographically signed and verifiable. That credential becomes a part of the user’s “digital wallet,” and works like a ticket into whatever system or application it is designed to access. PingOne Neo also supports other identity standards that are popular in the market, including OpenID, ISO and W3C.

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