Powering a sustainable future: How data can save the world – and your business

Data is the powerhouse of digital transformation. That’s no surprise. But did you know that data is also one of the most significant factors in whether a company can achieve its sustainability goals? 

Business leaders are at a crossroads. On one hand, a perilous financial landscape threatens to stall growth, with companies of all sizes retreating to more well-established profit drivers. On the other hand, environmental stewardship has swelled into a legitimate consideration underpinning nearly every business decision, underscored by the severity of recent climate reports and a surge in consumer activism.  

This begs the question – as digital and environmental transition both hit the top of corporate agendas, what are the most important changes needed to achieve this dual transition?  

In this webinar, Microsoft’s Rosie Mastrandrea, TCS’ Jai Mishra, and Equinor’s Vegard Torset explore the crossroads of data and digital transformation — and how the right approach can unlock your sustainability goals. 

Watch the webinar.  

Digital Transformation, Financial Services Industry