Salesforce updates its Commerce Cloud with digital commerce capabilities

Salesforce is adding new features to its Commerce Cloud that will help organizations embed digital commerce capabilities into sales, service, or marketing processes to drive more revenue, the company said on Tuesday.

The Commerce Cloud is a product suite aimed at helping organizations create unified buying experiences for their customers across channels, including mobile, social, and web. The suite consists of multiple products such as B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, Order Management, Commerce Marketplace, and Payments.

The new capabilities announced on Tuesday include features such as the Reorder Portal, Order Support, and Pay Now.

The Reorder Portal can be used by organizations to offer their customers personalized buying opportunities, Salesforces said. “Leveraging AI-powered Next Best Actions in Sales Cloud, sales reps can identify and target their repeat buyers and send them automated emails with an invitation to a portal to quickly reorder a past purchase,” the company said in a statement, adding that customers would be able to access all their past orders through the portal.

The Order Support feature is designed to drive revenue for Salesforce customers with personalized customer service experiences, Salesforce said. Enterprises can help their customers more efficiently by embedding the Order Support app into service interactions via bots, self-service actions for order tracking, and knowledge articles, the company added.

The Pay Now feature is designed to help organizations collect payments from their customers more efficiently in contrast to the practice of sending an invoice and waiting for the due payment. “With Pay Now, a new feature of Salesforce Payments, businesses can collect payment more efficiently by embedding a checkout link into any Salesforce application,” the company said.

As part of the new updates, Salesforce has created a new feature, dubbed Snapchat for Commerce, to help organizations create advertisements on the social media platform.

While all the new features have been made generally available, Salesforce is yet to reveal pricing details.

In June, the company released its generative AI assistant for commerce, dubbed Commerce GPT. The new assistant uses the Commerce Data Cloud to help enterprises deliver personalized shopping experiences and customized offers that adapt to their customers’ needs.

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