Searchlight Cyber launches Stealth Browser for safe dark web access

Dark web intelligence company Searchlight Cyber has announced the launch of Stealth Browser – a new, secure virtual machine for cyber professionals to access the dark web and conduct investigations anonymously, reducing the risk to themselves and their organization. Stealth Browser is an enhancement to Searchlight’s Cerberus investigation platform, which is used by law enforcement agencies, enterprises, and MSSPs to uncover criminal activity on the dark web.

The dark web consists of sites that are not indexed by popular search engines such as Google, along with marketplaces for stolen data and cybercriminal services. Operational intelligence on what transpires on the dark web can be highly useful for security teams and critical in defending organizations against cybercriminals using compromised accounts to enable attacks, commit fraud, or conduct campaigns using spear-phishing. However, accessing the dark web carries risks for the investigator and their organization’s infrastructure, with accidental malware installation, exposure of digital fingerprints/proprietary IP addresses, and inadvertent leaking of sensitive information among the potential dangers.

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