Sitecore enhances Experience Manager (XM) Cloud Platform with generative AI, component capabilities

In just a matter of months, generative AI (GAI) has upended many job roles. And perhaps no role has been more immediately affected than that of the marketer. ChatGPT, arguably the best-known GAI platform, was introduced in November 2022. By March, a survey had found that three-quarters (74%) of U.S. marketers were already investing in GAI to support their customer experience program or other marketing functions. Nearly everyone else polled planned to do so ASAP.

GAI has clearly struck a chord as a transformative addition to the marketing toolbox. That’s why Sitecore recently announced an integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT alongside a host of other new features, including component capabilities, for its entire family of composable content management system (CMS) solutions.

Taken together, these new features, combined with the powerful natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT, will enable brands to deliver personalized customer experiences seamlessly. These new features include:

OpenAI ChatGPT integration

The integration of OpenAI ChatGPT allows for seamless content creation and management within Sitecore XM Cloud CMS. ChatGPT can assist content authors and marketers by generating ideas, suggesting content variations, and helping with the overall content creation process. The integration enables a more efficient and streamlined content production workflow, saving time and effort for content teams.

Marketers can leverage ChatGPT’s understanding of natural language to enhance the personalization of customer experiences. ChatGPT can analyze user input and activities and provide intelligent responses based on customer intent, preferences, and historical data. This, in turn, enables more targeted and relevant interactions, resulting in improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

Finally, ChatGPT is capable of understanding and generating text in multiple languages. Marketers can use it to translate content from one language to another within the Sitecore CMS. Content authors or translators can interact with ChatGPT, providing the source text and specifying the desired target language. ChatGPT can then generate translations, offering suggestions and variations for the translated content. This can speed up the translation process significantly. ChatGPT’s translation capabilities also can be used for quality control of content translated by humans as well as by chatbots interacting with website visitors typing another language.

XM Cloud Components

According to another recent survey, most (85%) U.S. marketers said they would move some or all of their martech stack to a composable platform. Fully integrated with Sitecore XM Cloud Pages, XM Cloud Components enables marketing teams to bring unique and dynamic page components and remain responsive to customer interests and needs in real-time.

Sitecore XM Cloud Components enable marketers such as content authors and user experience designers to work in lockstep to speed the creation of digital experiences in line with their brand. XM Cloud Components is a front end as a service (FEaaS) platform on which campaign components can be created from scratch or by importing existing HTML assets. Components can be created from a variety of data sources and include page features such as images, link lists, navigation menus, page promos, and more.

Other feature enhancements include:

Content Hub ONE: Sitecore has added numerous new features to its headless CMS platform since its launch in October 2022, including better content modeling, an improved developer experience, preview capabilities, and a refined user interface.

Sitecore Connect: New pre-built connectors have been added to Sitecore Connects, including links to Content Hub ONE, Content Hub DAM and Operations, CDP Send, and OrderCloud, enabling content integration, including the ability to use GAI like ChatGPT for text creation and stable diffusion like Dall-E for image creation.

Sitecore Search: To address changes in the way consumers conduct searches, Sitecore Search has been enhanced with AI and analytic features that significantly improve result accuracy. Specifically, Sitecore Search can now better account for spelling and grammar mistakes, different words with similar meanings, and data or behavior from prior searches.

Sitecore Send: Sitecore’s email marketing solution now includes additional automation and personalization options including a mobile-friendly user interface, AI-enabled audience discovery tool, which allows teams to target groups of customers based on common attributes, and a refreshed design interface, which supports the development of compelling email campaigns.

All these new features and functionality are implicitly enabled through Sitecore’s fully composable platform, which offers the flexibility for marketers to build a custom solution that exactly meets their campaign needs.

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