Sitecore Ramps Up CX with Smarter Content Discovery and Management

Change and instability seem like the only constants for brands for over two years now. And while those conditions may have made for a rocky road, they also provided brands an opportunity to explore new ways to engage with customers regardless of where they were in their customer journey. Brands capitalized on this opportunity to expand and enhance the path to purchase – from content development and delivery to adapting to consumers’ constantly evolving digital behaviors.

These new behaviors prompted brand marketers to develop new types of content and delivery channels designed to meet customers in the moment. Consumers quickly adapted to a new content-rich environment that provided information curated for their needs with a single click or search, which pushed brands to produce more content to feed consumer appetites.

Creating, managing and delivering this content, from text to video to podcasts and more, has become increasingly challenging for brands. To help brands provide an enhanced customer experience, Sitecore has developed a comprehensive ecosystem of SaaS-based tools and services and a composable architecture to lower the dual challenges of servicing their traditional “dotcom” web presence and enabling them to deliver on-brand content across all digital channels and marketing touchpoints.

Enabling digitally savvy brands to innovate faster

In today’s world digital experience is the battlefield for brands – they need the agility to quickly launch new digital experiences to differentiate and compete. Many have developers on-hand to support business stakeholders in launching specialized campaign specific websites and functionally rich omnichannel experiences (think metaverse, voice, kiosk, IoT) that support evolving go-to-market strategies. To help these brands, Sitecore developed Content Hub One, an agile Headless CMS which is purpose-built for collaboration between marketers and developers to deliver differentiated digital experiences with ease.

Helping people find what they need, fast

As consumers look for new ways to quickly find information that’s catered to them, the power of search and discovery has never been more important. Facing a digital search transformation, especially with users evolving away from text to video and other rich media, marketers need an intelligent search capability. Sitecore Search was built for this transformative moment, offering marketers an intuitive system that serves hyper-relevant content through AI-powered search. It’s available to add on top of any website to power the search box with lightning-fast presentation of search results, surfacing content recommendations selected by AI or curated by marketers to drive engagement and conversion.

Taming MarTech ecosystem complexity

Today there are over 7,000 marketing technologies to choose from. Every brand faces the challenge of assembling a tech stack that meets the unique needs of their business model, market and customer base. To help Sitecore customers with this challenge we’ve launched Sitecore Connect – a low- /no-code solution, with a simple drag and drop UI, that allows brands to seamlessly connect Sitecore products to their unique ecosystem via thousands of out-of-the-box connectors and automation recipes.

To help brands of all sizes maximize their Martech investment, Sitecore offers a portfolio of tools and services to ensure the long-term success of their digital strategy. Its customer success program, Sitecore 360, spans the entire software implementation lifecycle, from tech training and adoption to professional services and customer support.

All these solutions complement XM Cloud, the modern, cloud-native enterprise CMS at the linchpin of the Sitecore ecosystem. We believe the content experience is the customer experience and brands need their experiences to be fast, relevant, and global. XM Cloud provides all the benefits of a leading digital experience platform that meets these needs without the overhead or hassle of maintaining supporting hardware infrastructure. This enables brands to quickly implement new customer experiences through simplified design and deployment. The cloud-native platform also ensures that marketing teams have the latest technology at their fingertips every time they log on – with new innovations being added all the time.

Over the past year, we’ve doubled down on delivering innovative, next-generation tools to support the entire content lifecycle – from strategy to delivery. It’s been rewarding to see how the industry has risen to the challenges of the rapid shift to digital and met the accelerated pace of customer expectations. It’s clear this shift will have a lasting impact on brands’ approaches to developing and delivering positive and engaging customer experiences, and Sitecore is committed to helping them accomplish their goals.  

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