Skilling up the security team for the AI-dominated era

As artificial intelligence and machine learning models become more firmly woven into the enterprise IT fabric and the cyberattack infrastructure, security teams will need to level up their skills to meet a whole new generation of AI-based cyber risks.

Forward-looking CISOs are already being called upon to think about newly emerging risks like generative AI-enabled phishing attacks that will be more targeted than ever or adversarial AI attacks that poison learning models to skew their output. And those are just a couple examples among a host of other new risks that will crop up in what’s looking to be the AI-dominated era of the future.

Time to prepare for AI-powered attacks

There is still time to prepare for many of these risks. Just the faintest amount of demonstrable data shows that attackers are beginning to use large language model (LLM) powered tools like ChatGPT to boost their attacks. And most adversarial AI examples are still largely theoretical. However, these risks will only stay theoretical for so long and is time to start building a bench of AI-related risk expertise.

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