Trustwave teams up with Trellix for better managed security

Managed cybersecurity vendor Trustwave said Tuesday that it will be partnering with extended detection and response  company Trellix for a combined XDR/MDR offering.

MDR, as offered by Trustwave, essentially works as a remote, third-party security operations center. The idea is, given the growing complexity of modern security threat landscapes, to let end user companies simply offload key parts of their security setups. That’s particularly important in the case of mid-size companies where the in-house security team might not be particularly large.

Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide for XDR describes the technology as a way to integrate a wide array of different security tools — covering endpoints, network, email and so on — into a holistic picture. Rather than using a traditional SIEM system, which is essentially just a log of all security related events, companies can use XDR to not only track events, but to quickly correlate them and separate false alarms from actual threats.

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