Weak credentials, unpatched vulnerabilities, malicious OSS packages causing cloud security risks

Threat actors are getting more adept at exploiting common, everyday issues in the cloud, including misconfigurations, weak credentials, lack of authentication, unpatched vulnerabilities, and malicious open-source software (OSS) packages. Meanwhile, security teams take an average of 145 hours to solve alerts, with 80% of cloud alerts triggered by just 5% of security rules in most environments.

That’s according to the Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report, Volume 7, which analyzed the workloads in 210,000 cloud accounts across 1,300 different organizations to gain a comprehensive look at the current cloud security landscape. It cited a small set of risky cloud behaviors that are repeatedly observed in organizations, warning that the average time to remediate alerts (roughly six days) provides a lengthy window of opportunity for adversaries to exploit cloud vulnerabilities.

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