Well-funded security systems fail to prevent cyberattacks in US and Europe: Report

Multilayered, well-funded cybersecurity systems are unable to protect enterprises in the US and Europe from cyberattacks, according to a report by automated security validation firm Pentera.

The report, which was based on a survey of 300 CIOs, CISOs and security executives to get insights on their current IT and security budgets and cybersecurity validation practices, noted that the financial slowdown has had a minimal impact on cybersecurity budgets.

“We’re seeing more organizations increase the cadence of pentesting, but what we really need to achieve is continuous validation across the entire organization,” Aviv Cohen, chief marketing officer of Pentera, said in a press note. “Annual pentesting assessments leave security teams in the dark most of the year regarding their security posture. Security teams need up-to-date information about their exposure using automated solutions for their security validation.”

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