What cybersecurity professionals can learn from the humble ant

When an ant colony is threatened, individual ants release pheromones to warn of the impending danger. Each ant picking up the warning broadcasts it further, passing it from individual to individual until the full defenses of the colony are mobilized. Instead of a single ant facing the danger alone, thousands of defenders with a single purpose swiftly converge on the threat. This all happens without the need for direction from a central authority or guidance from a single leader.

Just like the ants, public-private partnerships (PPP) should be responding to cybersecurity klaxons and working together to combat threats from all corners of the globe. Examples of this are already starting to happen. US President Joe Biden’s National Cybersecurity Strategy outlines the expectation of an all-of-government approach to cybersecurity, which would give a common purpose to private organizations and national infrastructure that are vulnerable to attack.

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