Why it’s time to review your Microsoft patch management options

You have several options to manage patching on Microsoft networks: let machines independently update or use a third-party patching tool, Windows Software Update Services (WSUS), or another Microsoft management product. If you are still using WSUS as your key patching tool, you may want to review your options. Microsoft is developing additional patching tools that will allow you to better manage systems and control administrative access.

Is WSUS on the way out?

Microsoft has long kept the status quo for WSUS, its on-premises patching product. It still supports WSUS, but Microsoft does not appear to be making new investments in the platform. Case in point, if your WSUS server fails on syncing, disable the Windows category of “Windows Insider Dev Channel.” Selecting this category creates an error message during synchronization. Microsoft is aware of the issue but has not given any estimated time for a fix. WSUS has not been updated in years. If you are considering using WSUS as your go-to patching platform, budget for a subscription to WSUS Automated Maintenance, which includes scripts and routines to optimize WSUS.

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