Why red team exercises for AI should be on a CISO’s radar

AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities present a huge opportunity for digital transformation but open yet another threat surface that CISOs and risk professionals will have to keep tabs on. Accordingly, CISOs will need to direct their teams to conduct red team exercises against AI models and AI-enabled applications — just as security teams do with any traditional application, platform, or IT system.

AI increasingly powers business decision-making, financial forecasting, predictive maintenance, and an endless list of other enterprise functions, weaving its way inextricably into the enterprise tech stack.

This is where AI red teaming comes into play. Forward-looking security pundits believe that the field of AI risk management and AI assurance will be a growing domain for CISOs and cybersecurity leaders to get a handle on in the coming years. Fundamental to managing AI risks will be threat modeling and testing for weaknesses in AI deployments.

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