Wiz debuts PEACH tenant isolation framework for cloud applications

Cloud security vendor Wiz has announced PEACH, a tenant isolation framework for cloud applications designed to evaluate security posture and outline areas of improvement. The firm stated that the framework has been developed on the back of its cloud vulnerability research to tackle security challenges impacting tenant isolation.

Security boundaries, incohesion, transparency impacting tenant isolation in cloud applications

In a blog post, Wiz wrote that there have been several cross-tenant vulnerabilities in various multi-tenant cloud applications over the last 18 months. These include ExtraReplica and Hell’s Keychain. “Although these issues have been reported on extensively and were dealt with appropriately by the relevant vendors, we’ve seen little public discussion on how to mitigate such vulnerabilities across the entire industry,” Wiz stated. What’s more, the root cause of these vulnerabilities – improperly implemented security boundaries, usually compounded by otherwise harmless bugs in customer-facing interfaces – is significant, the firm added.

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